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About Me

Walter "The King" Roper

Walter King Roper was born in the historical city of Selma, Alabama, on September 20, 1985 to Ethel B. Roper. As a young, humble, and anointed lad Walter possessed a divine love and passion for music. He was educated in the Selma City School System where he participated in the renowned Selma High School Choir under the direction of Dr. Alvin B. Tuck. Within this union, he was able to travel around the country maturing his craft as a talented minstrel.


Walter has served as musician for various churches throughout the community to ensure that his gift continues to develop and to help choirs in the city continue to spread the “good news.” He has played for an array of choirs from various denominations throughout the city. In addition, He has also devoted his time and musical craft to help the growth of musical ministries with (Hopewell Missionary Baptist in Beloit, Mount Ararat Baptist in Tyler AL, Salem Missionary Baptist in Orrville AL, Jones Memorial African Methodist Episcopal, Plant Street Baptist, Mount Zion Primitive Baptist, Historic Brown Chapel African Methodist Episcopal, Pleasant Grove African Methodist Episcopal in Grove Hill AL, Mount Ararat Missionary Baptist, Temple Gate Seven Day Adventist, Potters Place Ministries, Greater Kingdom Citadel, Historic Tabernacle Missionary Baptist, Berean Baptist Church and Pleasant Hill Baptist Church), as well as local groups and soloist in the area and surrounding cities as well. God has afforded Walter opportunities to accommodate notable musical icons such as Lil Joe and Refuge, Jamel Strong, Dottie Peoples and Dorinda Clarke Cole as well as a host of other local and national vocalists. Walter spheres his own ministry, Breaking the Yoke Mass Choir, which debuted Spring 2005.


Walter furthered his Bachelor’s study at Concordia College, Selma, Alabama in Elementary Education May 2013. Although Walter has served as director, minstrel, composer, arranger, and musician in the church, his new aspirations are to spread this same anointing into school systems, with the hope to continue serving his community. Walter truly believes that, “To whom much is given, much is required” (Luke 12:48) and he executes this in everything he does.

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” To whom much is given, much is required . . . ” -Luke 12:48 KJV

I, Walter “The King” Roper, founder and CEO of King Roper Productions, have accomplished a great deal of success with much more to be done. To further the goal of King Roper Productions, we are seeking monetary donations from people who care about quality musicians, entertainment, and the works of music ministry. King Roper Productions understands that one person can make a difference and influence the course of an individual’s life, so please make the choice to support King Roper Productions today. 


                                        Thank you in advance,

Walter “The King” Roper

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